Who is a Russian mail order wife?

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Many are unaware of actually who a mail-order bride is. Let’s look into the details and find out the basics about these women.

What is the meaning of the term mail order wife?

A mail-order bride is a woman who lists herself with a website mentioning her personal details and makes herself available for selection by men who are looking for a Russian wife. She, in turn, is looking for a person whom she considers would be an ideal match for her. Most of these women are in search of an appropriate partner from Western or other foreign countries.

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However, the term mail order bride does not, of course, mean that one can literally ‘order’ a bride. It actually means you have a wide range of options to choose from, begin an interaction with your choice, and then take it further into a relationship.

How does a mail order bride proceed?

One can say that the fate and God connect the two. Yet, the reality says that these two should pass through the various obstacles, especially if they live in different countries. The help comes in the form of dating services which allow people to communicate and find a loving spouse within their websites.

A future mail order wife goes through such steps. She chooses to register herself on a website like ours, which is a leading Russian mail order website. She proceeds to put her details in the public domain in hopes of connecting with the right person. This includes her photos and contact details as well as her preferences, likes, and dislikes. Then she waits for the men’s activity or tries to find a partner-for-life by herself.

What is the portrait of a Russian mail-order bride?

russian mail order bride

Russian women are beautiful, feminine, special, and exotic women. Men from all over the world admire them and suppose that they would become amazing wives and mothers. What makes the men fall for these girls, noting the fact that they live far from them? Can one of these ladies impress you? She can.

  • She wants a happy family and cozy home. If there is a thing that a Russian single woman struggles for the most, it is a strong family and a tidy house. She supposes that it is her responsibility to make the members of her family glad and joyful. Husbands of such ladies do not ask themselves if Russian women make good wives, they know it for sure.
  • She is easygoing. Any of the mail order wives on the marriage/dating services like ours realize that moving to the other country will be a long and exhausting process. They are aware of the possible complications and are ready for this. This trait remains after marriage too so she would become your nice partner in traveling.
  • She is an amazing cook. There is a widespread thought that a foreign bride from Russia can cook nothing but a Russian cuisine which is far from true. They are stunning queens of the hearth! Your woman will learn your tastes if they differ from the dishes that she used to cook.
  • She is attentive. A Russian wife will never miss your sad facial expression or angry move. She will try to understand what has happened to you, and only after that decide what to do.
  • She has an exceptional taste. The Russian singles wear clothes that suit them, instead of blind following the trends. Their love for looking good does not touch the modern way to make-up. You will unlikely see her with tons of mascara or too bright lipstick.
  • She is warm-hearted. Some people suppose that it is a minus rather than a plus for a person, but the fact is this. The true femininity implies having a soft heart, so if your wish is to have a tender and ladylike wife, a Russian mail-order bride can make it come true.
  • She is emotional. Again, it may be a negative rather than positive feature… But imagine for a minute how your bride laughs at your jokes, how she is weeping for joy, and how she dances with excitement! It’s a beautiful image, isn’t it?
  • She will be a nice life companion. A traditional Russian wife is a pretty curious and adventurous woman, despite her classic devotion to the family. She adores the life and learning it with the members of her family. Thus, your living together will sparkle with new feelings, experiences, and inspirations.

What are these mail order brides aiming at?

There are a certain number of things that these would-be brides look for. These are some of their goals.

They want love and tenderness

 russian brides online

She is usually looking for a husband from foreign shores. This can be for various reasons, including being dissatisfied with men from her country or having had an unpleasant experience earlier. Most probably, this woman is looking for a kind and loving person to start a new life with.

They want to travel

traveling couple

Most of the women registering in these sites are willing to relocate to foreign shores with the aim of living out their lives permanently there. A change in surroundings, a new country and all the excitement this promises to bring into their lives is one reason why they do so.

They are looking for a newer experience

russian brides the best

Most women on Russian mail order wife websites like ours are keen to experience a newer life with the hope of getting a loving, decent, and responsible husband. There are many success stories of people having found the perfect mate and living a happy fulfilled life with them through such websites.They are eventually all looking at a fulfilling relationship.

Russian singles want to find a manly partner

The women, who try to find a foreign husband, usually want to find another love in another place. This does not mean that the men in her country are awful partners or that the women have too high expectations and extraordinary wishes. It is only a personal desire to have a husband, who will be able to support her and care about her, while she does the same for all the family.

Russian bride would like their man to be the same patient as she is

There are legends about the patience of Russian wives. They are wise, so will forgive you a lot of things, smiling and trying to avoid the conflicts because of someone’s inappropriate behavior. Yet, they are is emotional as well, as we have said, and waits that her patient partner will understand her emotional explosions.

Romance is a very desirable thing to Russian single ladies

Russian singles do not see the romantic gestures often. Romance usually comes on celebrations, and women see none of it in other days. These gorgeous women want their partners to feel free in a relationship and never ask for something in a direct way. Instead, they try to inspire the men to be romantic. They may have unhappy relationships in their country with the kind of men that they know. Yet, they understand that the men abroad are very attentive and would make her life a bit brighter and lovelier.

What kinds of women are there on these mail order bride websites?

mail order brides from russia

Women across age groups and social status

There is a spectrum of women out there who are putting themselves up on such websites. They could be young and single, or women who have had some experience in their lives previously and are now hoping for a better turn of events.

Adaptable women

These women are at these websites with a mindset that is aimed at giving it their best in successful integration into a new lifestyle in a foreign country. They are more flexible and adaptable in their outlook. And they are responsible for the choice they have made by registering themselves for the purpose.

The majority – English-speaking women

A lot of the girls, who use the mail order wives services, usually can speak English. They understand that the language is one of the most important things for them, if they want to be married to foreigners. Additionally, they want to communicate personally, so do not want a third person to take part in her private dialogues.

What you should do to get a Russian wife?

You will be able to choose from a great variety of Russian girls online. After finding the woman you like, the two of you decide whether you want to meet or not – and if you want to see each other, here comes the most interesting part.

Meeting a Russian bride. You may come to her, but there will be a need in Visa. You may ask her to arrive at your country, and if so, you may pay for her tickets or other expenses, if you want to do this, of course. You cannot buy Russian wife but can help her arrival, she will definitely appreciate that.

There is a third way – going to another country with her, but this is a rare case, as people usually want to see the homelands of each other before marriage.

Dating a Russian woman. You may either make a cozy atmosphere at your home or show her an enchanting trip across your neighborhood. If she knows English, it will be easier for you both to communicate, but you may need the services of an interpreter if she is still learning your language.

Marriage with a beauty of Russia. If you decide to live together, you may pay for her moving to your state and house, but this is quite a simple step. After that, you should help your Russian wife to get used to your country and customs and support financially for an unknown period. It would be hard for her to start working immediately after arrival or even at all. Your maintenance and understanding, attention and love will do wonders. Your Russian spouse will bloom even brighter than she did her motherland.

Statistical facts regarding mail order bride matches

russian singles woman

There are often doubts cast as to the genuineness and success of such ventures. Let us check out some facts.

  • Usually women from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and other East European countries are the usual mail order brides.
  • 80% of mail order marriages last for a number of years.
  • About 2,700 mail-order marriage agencies operate around the world.
  • The annual number of women available as mail order brides is estimated at around 100,000.
  • There are around 10,000 mail-order marriages a year worldwide.
  • About 4,000 to 5,000 new Americans are arriving annually as mail-order brides.
  • Studies show 1 in 6 people in the US is married to a person of different race or ethnicity.

To put in a nutshell

Like we see from the above, Russian mail-order bride is quite an accepted thing and is very much in use effectively to help connect people. Our website which deals with mail order bride provides the perfect platform to bring these people together and begin a new journey.

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