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- International platform

- Female users are from Eastern Europe

- Safe and secure from scammers

- Various modes of communication available

- Very responsive and helpful support team
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Date Russian Beauty
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If you are looking for that perfect Russian bride who meets your expectations in every form and manner, you are in the right place right now. We are the leading Russian mail-order bride website. The amazingly beautiful women who are listed here will surely fulfill and meet your specifications.

What is this website for Russian mail order wife all about?

The way Russian society works to this day is heavily loaded in favor of getting married. The focus is always on finding that perfect Russian wife for oneself. This is because marriage as an institution thrives and is quite a priority in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.

In these modern times with access to the internet and everything going online, it comes as little surprise that the onus of finding a match has taken the form of a Russian mail-order bride. Our website is a leading one for this purpose. Access to such websites like ours makes it that much easier to find the perfect partner for yourself, whether you are the bride herself or the man looking for a Russian bride.

Gone are the days when dating was difficult.
Rusbrides.net site is connecting men to their dream brides

Russian Women for Marriage – Family First

Remarkably, Russian women are the most desirable brides for the men from other countries. Those, who visit the dating services often know that these pretty girls from Russia are seeking just for the person, who will understand their wish to be happy and will finally make her happy. This is easy for some men, so they often take Russian mail order brides from their country and make their lives exciting. If you are one of those men who are able to live with these beauties, our little guide will help you to understand what a treasure is a Russian girl.

Russian culture – does it prevent from happy life?

dating russia woman

One can say that the relationship with a Russian woman that started online is doomed to failure because of unusual beginning and numerous reasons in addition. However, the current number of Russian brides in other countries suggests otherwise. Russian women are just incredible for marriage because of the cultural specialties that they inherit from their mothers. Their pure souls that are complemented by the impressive beauty make them ones of the most attractive women to marry.

Why it is a pleasure to be married to a girl from Russia

Men may not pay attention to cultural differences when it comes to women from Russia, and it is not surprising. Well, if you are sure that you like the woman, you should not be afraid of misunderstandings, mainly because the modern Russian mail order brides are aware of possible problems like language or tastes the difference, and are ready to solve them together, finding compromises and searching for the best decision. This is one of the most distinctive features of a traditional Russia woman’s character that makes the life with them easier.

How to get started?

It is very easy to get started.

  • Visit our website.
  • Register yourself with us.
  • Through registering, you establish an identity of your own as well as set yourself up for selection.
  • After this is done, you can see different ladies from all over Russia, Ukraine, and other countries that were formerly part of USSR.
  • Decide upon whom you wish to contact.
  • It is very easy to establish contact once you have decided on some of them. They can all be reached through email.
  • Our website, the leading provider of Russian mail order wife, provides photos and personal details of all these beautiful women listed with us.

Social acceptability?

Over the years, the stigma and misconceptions that are automatically attached to this kind of service has abated. People are more open to the concept of dating and match-making through the internet. It saves time and effort. Some websites also provide background checks for the authenticity of the beautiful ladies listed on their site.

Find Your Bride

Can you really order a Russian bride?

You can definitely order a Russian mail order bride. Some Russian women aren’t satisfied with their current lifestyle in Russia, or maybe they’re not happy with the current political climate of the country. Whatever it is, this is their ticket to a new life with someone they love and cherish.

There’s a common stereotype that mail order brides can be bought like things. This is largely untrue, as this false idea implies and enforces that consent is only one way. Russian brides are also real people, waiting to meet someone. Sure, you’re paying for the opportunity to talk to them, but you’ll have a lot of chatting time online before you meet, and it’s up to both of you to decide that, so it’s not just a one-way street. Mail order brides concept builds on determination and mature goals to find your ultimate, loving soulmate.

Are Russian brides a real thing?

Yes, of course! Mail order brides used to be perceived as something bogus a few decades ago, but now that’s completely false. Nowadays, a mail order bride is simply a woman who’s looking for a husband overseas. Cute Russian mail brides do it for various reasons, whether it be that they’re not satisfied with the local men, or that they’re just looking for a spicy marriage and want something exciting out of life. For some women in poor countries, it could even be a way to escape from their poor living conditions and start a better life in a first-world country.

Russian Mail Order Bride Service

Search up “Mail Order Bride reviews” on Google and you’ll find tens of thousands of reviews on the internet that will surely make you believe that mail order brides are real, and not a stereotype that’s not founded on any facts. All these dating websites, they just help people from across the world connect and potentially change both their lives!

How do we select profiles for a good Russian wife?

The following are the major ways:


The first impression is formed by looks especially in the case of Russian mail-order bride. When it is an unknown person one is getting in touch with for the first time, the way she looks matters a lot. People have preferences in visual allure that begin right from what kind of hair one likes. Some like blondes, some prefer brunettes.


In case the person browsing through our website is from a non-Russian-speaking country, the language proficiency of the bride comes into play. If she is able to converse well and is at ease as far as language is concerned, it becomes a big plus.


The background of the bride matters a lot as well, where she is from, what she has been doing, whether she is single or out of a relationship. All of this information is available on our website.

Economic Status

The economic status of the future bride, whether she is employed, what she does for a living, are taken into account when profiling.

Home-making qualities

She is going to be a Russian bride when she moves into a new home and obviously has to fulfil particular roles. How proficient she is in making her new home for her chosen partner is a big factor in the success of the match. The lady’s ability to adapt for her new lifestyle and provide a loving, caring and warm home is of utmost importance.

Internet friendliness

While at the selection stage of the process, it is essential that she be internet friendly. Of course in the modern times where even toddlers and children are tech-savvy, this is sort of expected.

Willingness to adjust culturally

Many of the matches, in fact most of them might be taking the would-be Russian wife out of her country into an unknown country. Such matches found through us, one of the leading Russian mail order bride websites, need the lady to be willing to adjust to their changed circumstances.

Family with Russian woman

find russian wife

If you want to have close relations with all your family members, children, and a cozy atmosphere at home, a Russia woman is the best choice for the marriage, because she is the one, who will make all of your dreams come true. Men adore the charm of the girls from Russia that is exceeded only by their frankness. In the world of Internet frauds and scams, Russia ladies are like the islands of hope and light: they are too warm-hearted for a man to remain indifferent.

Russian attitude to the man’s role in family

Another alluring thing about single Russian women is their admiration of a classic family hierarchy: they are strong and independent but highly appreciate the men’s care and attention to the details. A Western woman with strong ideas of total independency may sue you if you open the door to her. A Russian single woman will be grateful for your manners! Just imagine her wide and a bit embarrassed smile… This is the true femininity in all its beauty. Such an image is so tempting, isn’t it?

Happy Stories From Our Members

Adrian Fox and Patricia Amada

Rusbrides.net- A site full of pretty and loving ladies. We  have tried and proved rusbrides.net site to be simple, safe, and affordable. Besides, it has pretty and smart ladies from all over the world. I met Patricia on this site a year ago.

Eric K.

Turn a new leaf in your romantic life. Thank you rusbrides.net for brightening my world. My whole dating life has changed ever since visiting this site. It gave me a platform where I met my adorable lady. I’m happy my love has finally found its way home.

Couple review

Justin and Ruth

The best dating site ever. Forget the disappointing overrated dating sites! Rusbrides.net gives you a chance like no other. I got the girl of my dreams, Ruth, after a short while of visiting the site. It’s the best dating site I can ever recommend on.

What you should know about dating a Russian woman

Women of Russia are looking for a gentleman, who will see their uniqueness and realize that she really stands out in a crowd. Any woman wants such an attitude, so if you understand an average girl, you will understand a Russian girl too, even if your conversations take place online. Yes, it is difficult to figure out what a lady wants but… We believe in you and leave here some tips that may inspire you to date one of the Russian mail-order brides. It will cost you a few things, such as:

  • Attention to her mood. Mailorder Russian brides are very expressive, and their faces show the incredible range of emotions. This will be easy to comprehend her, just look at her and see her.
  • Some compliments. A Russian lady is aware of her brilliant appearance, but it should not prevent you from saying something pleasant. Try saying something in Russian!
  • Understanding her culture. This is optional but if you do want to marry a Russian girl, then try to impress her with her native cuisine on the first date, or making her surprised during a discussion, revealing your knowledge about her motherland. This will show her your respect to her country.
  • Remembering that she is not only smart but wise too. This is an exceptional personality trait for a woman, and it is vital for marriage. It’s unlikely she will embarrass you, especially in the presence of your friends or relatives. She will preserve her face and yours too so you can date her anywhere and anytime.
  • Meeting at her homeland. It is not necessary if she adores your own country, but it still would be a nice gesture of yours. Additionally, you will see the conditions she lives in, and, probably, you will see her family, what is well too.

Of course, everything will depend on the depth of feelings between you two, but your happy couple is likely to have a long life if you both have a strong desire to love.

How much does a Russian bride cost?

Singles searching for love can be from different places, and there are various challenges with each relationship, which makes this a slightly hard thing to guess the exact amount. Let’s break this down into different parts.

First of all, you’re looking for a Russian bride on a dedicated website so there’s a cost of $500 – $4,000 to talk to her online and build the desirable connection. Assuming that you’re not from Russia, there’s the cost of flying over to meet her or having her fly over to meet you, which can cost from $1,200 to $5,000. Once you both have settled in the same area, there’s the actual wedding which can be quite expensive as you can guess. Marrying a Russian mail order bride may cost from $12,000 to $29,000.

Overall, the Russian brides price can’t be set in stone. Nonetheless, you can expect to spend $15,000 – $30,000 on your journey to find the love of your life from this beautiful country. Besides, there are even some additional things like a new wardrobe, furniture, settlement, and others which might surprise you at how much they cost. Living with someone can be much more expensive than you’d envision. But consider this as a long-term investment in your future happiness. You’re ending up with a beautiful Russian bride, so it’s worth it in the end!

As far as she is far from you and possesses another nationality, your spending will cover a lot of things. So, let’s sum up what you should cover:

  • Payment to the agency you deal with, as it keeps the addresses of the Russian ladies you would like to talk and meet. The cost of each address depends on the service.
  • The travel expenses and it may include not only the plane tickets but also hotel and taxi if needed. The prices vary; you may spend less if the meeting takes place in your country, or may spend rather more if you decide to travel to another state.
  • Services of a translator or interpreter. It is quite expensive but most of the single Russian girls learn different languages, so this may not be needed at all.
  • Russian visa. It may cause a headache even if you are an exceptionally tranquil person, although if you are ready to spend up to $300 and wait for two-three weeks, this will not be a problem for you.

Register and meet Russian Beauty

russian girls to marry

How to meet Russian bride for marriage

Greeting and meeting are, of course, very significant parts of starting the relationship. Although, before planning the meetings, the budget should be considered, as usually, it is this factor that prevents people from being finally together.

It’s pretty simple. There are two ways to go about it, one of them is you meet a Russian bride offline on a traditional date, and the other is that you find them online. So, what are the tips for the offline connection:

  1. Meet women who you know in real life. Maybe someone from class, part of a hobby you’re in, or even someone that you meet at a club.
  2. Find someone who looks interesting, and approach them. Don’t try any pickup lines, leave those at the cinema. Simply be your charming self and enjoy the process.
  3. Find a Russian bride at the coffee shop. It’s almost the perfect date setup; the food price is reasonable, it’s really easy to talk in a crowded cafe, and you can take the date anywhere from there.
  4. Attend interesting business and educational conventions. The advantage of meeting a woman at a convention is that you’re guaranteed to meet someone interested in the same hobby or industry as you are. So, you’ll have a lot to talk about and discover each other.
  5. Meet your perfect Russian bride at the popular bar. Bars are the most classic way to meet someone, and if you’re a party-goer, this is great. You’ll be sure to meet some extroverted, outgoing girls who are open to new relationships and are looking for handsome men like you.

The other alternative is to meet single Russian brides online first, and then meet them locally later. Nowadays, it’s significantly more convenient to meet someone online than offline. Some of the best Russian bride sites offer you top-notch assistance. There’s no need to spend your time walking around looking for a date. Go online from the comfort of your current location and conduct your search. You can talk to people that you find especially attractive and just chat with them for a bit before committing to a date or something more serious. Moreover, you have a better idea of their personality from their bios and photos.

Russian bride tours

Bride tours are a new concept that was invented in Russia. It’s something that’s set up by an agency, preferably the one that you’re already working with to find your partner. To give a short gist of it, men fly to the country that they’re planning to meet a woman in. Then the agency sets up social events and parties for the man to attend, where he meets about 10 women he pre-chose, and if they have a spark, the agency organizes one-on-one dates. If things click from there, they move back to the groom’s country.

Since everything is controlled by a trusted agency, you can have a peaceful mind knowing that everything will go smoothly and you can enjoy the comfort. Going to the woman’s country also lets the man learn a lot about their culture and cuisine. But because it’s fully arranged by an agency, it can be somewhat expensive, circling $5,000 per tour. Besides, sometimes you have to pay extra for the interpreter and other additional services. Overall, it’s a novel way to approach Russian mail order brides and something that you should keep in mind if you have the money, time, and enthusiasm.

After marriage – What’s needed to keep mail order bride from Russia

You should remember about the future personal expenses. There can come the need to get your Russian woman a car, a cell phone, guides, new clothes for the new climate, or you should be ready to maintain her for several month or years until she can realize her professional skills in your country if it is possible. Plus, it would be nice if you help your mail order bride feel free and decorate your home a bit for it to look slightly familiar to her; it will rid her from stress and pressure that were caused by the move to the new location.

Realistically, you should be able to support your Russian wife completely for an unknown period, but this part is possible for discussion; and, as far as we said, the Russian ladies are inclined to talk about everything and find the decision that will work best for both of you.


There are a lot of trustworthy dating services that can organize the Western or Eastern men’s love, but this is a very personal deal to allow its complete managing to the third people. You should be involved into this, as if you were involved in the real relationships with a Russian bride, and you will actually meet her online and then greet at your home. Good luck finding your Russian beauty!

Our website has effectively built matches, creating examples of successful integration into different culture, language, and customs. Join us for your perfect match!

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